Breakfast of Champions

The most important meal of the day can also be the most delicious way to start it.

photo & story Becca Boyd @homebeccanomics

The West Chester food scene is ever-evolving, and although it continues to change with the trends, it’s beloved as much for being fresh as it is for the establishments that have steadily thrived. Dating back to 2003, Market Street Grill has earned a spot on that list. Kerri Greco, the (original and current) owner, had a knack for gathering loyal talent when he opened his doors with Chef Darla Riccetti behind the grill. With a menu both prolific and genuinely exciting, she’s still bringing her A-game, with no sign of burnout.

A “hipster diner” vibe is instantaneously provoked upon walking through the door, thanks to Greco’s long-time friend John Stango, the artist behind the work that covers almost every inch of the walls. Whether it’s a lazy Saturday brunch in sweats or a weekday lunch meeting, Market Street Grill is not to be missed.

During a recent visit I had a chance to chat with the manager, Kerri’s son Christian Greco. Although the hip vibe is unmistakable, Christian assured me family-friendly is their goal. I can speak to this as my dining date was my two year old Boss Baby who’s earned her nickname through entitled expressions and an adamant refusal to be nudged toward compromise. My server offered a booster, a high chair, and in seeing my indecision, told me to sit wherever and she’d bring all of the possible options, along with crayons. Crayons coupled with the fact that the food came out lickety-split were a quick sign that I’d love this restaurant.

As we settled into our seats and perused the menu, I was honestly, but pleasantly, shocked. It boasts a plethora of options so diverse that even the most adventurous of eaters will be able to try something new (say, eggs Benedict over mouthwateringly marinated flank steak and grilled asparagus, smothered in delectable hollandaise sauce), yet the impossible to please toddler in tow can order a bagel and an egg from the A La Carte section for just $3.50).

The Bullotta, a dish described as “Bacon and Bananas sautéed with honey, poured over Texas French toast and topped with peanut butter” is something that my health-conscious self may not ordinarily have ordered, but Christian said it wasn’t to be missed, and who I am to argue? The epic combination would tickle any sweet tooth, but Chef Darla balanced the sweet with the candied bacon and warmed, oozing, salty peanut butter in a way that was completely addicting.

While the French toast was memorable, it was the steak and eggs take on the Benedict that wowed me. Chef Darla produced a poached egg with a gorgeously liquid yolk but not one bit of jiggle from the white, a feat with which I often struggle.

With kids or without, work lunch or easy Sunday morning, the Benny’s keep bringing me back (as well as a dozen other factors). Market Street Grill is a West Chester gem, and there’s a reason it has excelled this long in a town full of foodie favorites.