John Serock Catering is feeding those in need

The local caterer’s WC Cares program is donating meals to families facing food insecurity, and you can help!

John Serock is donating these delicious Chicken Tinga meals to WCASD families whose children qualify for free or reduced-cost lunch at school.

Although Chester County is one of the wealthiest in the country, there are still many here who struggle to put food on the table. Children and families who found themselves food insecure prior to the COVID-19 pandemic have been joined by others as the disease shuts down businesses and economies. Kids who counted on free or reduced-cost meals at school are now going without while learning institutions remain closed.

In this time of need, local chef and caterer John Serock saw an opportunity to both keep his team working at John Serock Catering and chip in to help our community. He transitioned his business to provide family-style takeout dinners during PA’s shutdown, crafting and cooking healthy and delicious to-go meals that feed four to five people, and he’s using this transition to provide meals — free of charge — to local families who need a leg up through a program called WC Cares.

WC Cares is, in effect, a buy-one, get-one opportunity for customers… only that “get one” is a meal that is donated to a local, food-insecure family. Whenever you buy a Serock Catering Family Meal, Serock prepares an additional meal which gets donated to a West Chester Area School District family whose children qualify for free or discounted at-school meals.

Right now they’re cooking and donating Chicken Tinga, a dinner which includes three pounds of chicken tinga (a savory and slightly spicy style of shredded chicken), 1.5lbs of Mexican rice and beans, a Southwest salad, and a dozen flour tortillas. Oh, and don’t forget dessert: each meal comes with assorted brownies and blondies. You get all that for just $60, which is a steal in and off itself even before you consider that you’re also helping feed a local family who might otherwise go hungry.

After placing your order, you’ll have the chance to choose the date and time for your pickup, then be guided to a PayPal page to complete your order. It’s super simple.

And, if you’re feeling especially generous, you have the choice to select “Donate Only” at checkout, in which case both meals will be provided to a family in need.

John Serock Catering is located just outside the borough off of Fern Hill Rd (835 Lincoln Ave A-2), providing easy access for all of our readers. You can visit their website to learn more about the program at or simply give them a call at 610.640.2836.