Mincing Words with Anthony Andiario

A quick Q&A with some local culinary talent

“My go-to is the Irish breakfast at Kildare’s.” – Anthony Andiario
photo by Amy Tucker

When Anthony Andiario was in college at Penn State, his focus was on art and graphic design. He’d always loved cooking, but it wasn’t until he spent a few weeks in Italy after graduating that he decided to become a chef, and he enrolled in an expedited culinary program while working as low man on the totem pole at one of Arizona’s best restaurants at the time. “Like a culinary boot camp,” he said. Now at the helm as chef and co-owner at Andiario, that decision seems to have paid off.

Do you cook at home? If so, what’s your go-to? I do, when I have time and energy. One of my favorites is pork shoulder studded with a lot of garlic and then braised in sauerkraut. I grew up with that dish as a New Year’s staple and cook it for myself all the time.

Where do you like to go to eat in West Chester? My go-to is the Irish Breakfast at Kildare’s, but there are a lot of places I could mention. Andy at Spence Café, Slow Hand is a great new addition to town, Vudu Café, Liquid Eatery, and I enjoy Split Rail Tavern, too.

Favorite healthy food? Favorite junk food? I think that most of the food that I love and cook is healthy. As for junk food, though, it would be Red Vines candy, spicy Cheetos, and soda.

Any favorite places that have closed but you wish were still around? I haven’t really been around here long enough, but I’ve heard a lot of great things about La Cocotte and Gilmore’s.

How would you describe West Chester’s food scene? It’s hard to keep up! But in a good way.