On a Roll

Sampling all of the borough’s best foods served between slices of bread.
This month we’re visiting Pietro’s Prime.

Pietro’s Prime has a reputation as a top-notch steakhouse, arguably THE place to go for a dinner that unwinds at a meandering pace, perfectly suited for enjoying their exceptional beef dishes.

But what if the Pietro’s steak craving hits at lunchtime, when leisurely meals may not be possible? Enter their lunch menu, perhaps the best-kept secret in downtown West Chester. “For the convenience of our customers, we try to make it as fast as we can,” says Executive Chef and Proprietor Sean Powell. Options like soup and a half sandwich cater to the nearby courthouse crowd.

I stopped by just before 1pm on a Saturday and the vibe was mellow, with a party in the back room and two couples arriving for a late lunch. From his post behind the bar, Gabriel didn’t hesitate…